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PRACA: Sales talent Poland

Your challenge

This opportunity offers the unique possibility for highly talented sales professionals with a winner’s mentality to be part of one of the most successful and fastest growing companies in its field.

Your challenge for this year will be to understand our business and to show your added value;

as a consequence you can get a contract as a sales consultant within one of our global offices.

You will get the opportunity to increase your knowledge about our company, loyalty marketing, our concepts and driving sales by supporting our global offices in different jobs and by carrying out different assignments during one year.

You will attend a one-year training program developed and mentored by our BrandLoyalty University and customized for local sales offices.

After 1 year you can start independently at any possible sales (management) level.

The program

Our sales potential programme will include 3 different modules:

  • Programme Management, Consultancy Approach/Sales followed by a marketing-based project. Within the different modules you will also get the opportunity to participate in different high-level training courses provided by our BrandLoyalty University.
  • Every four-month module ends with an evaluation. You will be trained on the job by senior colleagues and mentored out of our Head Quarter.
  • During this program you will be coached by a senior sales consultant from one of our Sales offices



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