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PRACA: Job profile Polish with German 1st line IT Support

What is the job?
This is a job for fluent Polish with German speakers. As a Polish/German speaker you will be required to provide 1st line IT Support for consumer and professional products in Boxtel, the Netherlands to both Polish and German customers. The product range includes multimedia drives, network attached storage products and other removable technology. As a Bilingual IT support specialist you will be working with customers via email, online chat and phone. The online chat is provided in English only, so that you have to be near native in German, Polish and English for this language job.

Who are we looking for?
For this Polish/German IT support the job in the Netherlands you will be required to have proven technical and networking skills. It doesn’t mind whether you gained these skills in your free time, during work experience or by education. You have to speak BOTH POLISH AND GERMAN on a native or near native level and have excellent English language skills. A successful candidate will need all these skills in this multilingual job as IT support specialist. Keep in mind as well that a valid work permit is required for this role, e.g. an EU-passport.

Where is this language job based?
This Polish/German IT support job is based in Boxtel, the Netherlands. Boxtel is located in the South of the Netherlands that has good railway connections to Eindhoven, Breda and Rotterdam. It is a picturesque town with its own history that looks back into the Middle Age and is still represented in cathedrals, monasteries and churches. During the year you can also experience a variety of festivals that take place in Boxtel and neighbouring cities. So if you are looking for a nice place to have a Multilingual IT support the job in the Netherlands; Boxtel is a perfect city for you!



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