Administracja biurowa

Akupunktura ucha oraz bezigłowa akupunktura ucha stosowana również u dzieci.


Automarkt Holandia

PRACA: Polish Editor, Amsterdam


  • Bi-lingual Polish language skills in conversational, grammatical, reading and writing a must.​
  • Must be organized and possess multi-tasking ability in meeting deadlines.​
  • Must demonstrate effective written and verbal communications skills.​
  • Must have keyboarding and Windows proficiency.​
  • Must demonstrate effective organizational skills.​

Responsibilities & qualifications

  • Edits and maintains television schedules and database information received from satellite, pay cables and pay-per-view listings and other content providers
  • Analyzes program information, assesses database information and researches and creates database content for original series and specials.​
  • Researches and documents program content by consulting with program information providers 
  • Initiates and maintains effective relationships with programming information providers 
  • Adds new international movies, sports, and syndicated shows to the database as required.​
  • Reviews and corrects new show and movie records created daily in the department.​



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