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Automarkt Holandia

PRACA: Technische Helpdeskmedewerker, Enschede

Job description

The Customer Service Representative (CSR) is responsible for the handling of technical customer contacts for a variety of\nconsumer electronics. The inbound support is given via different communication channels. The CSR must give information in a\npractical and clear manner within the set parameters. The CSR must also answer questions concerning specific procedures and services.

Our criteria

  • Speaks and writes fluently Polish and English or Dutch or German.
  • Sufficient understanding of the English language to follow training.
  • A minimum of MBO level 4 both in work and thought processes. Preferably with a completed ICT training.
  • A strong technical affinity.
  • Knowledge of network architecture is beneficial.
  • A good understanding of the MS Office environment is essential.
  • Good telephone etiquette.
  • Experience in Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B) environment is beneficial.

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