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Automarkt Holandia

PRACA: Automotive Trading Trainee – Nieuw-Vennep

Skills and Competences

Please read the below mentioned requirements and remarks carefully and reply if you meet these criteria. Language and work permit requirements are „hard” criteria that have to be met:

  • that have to be metBA/Bsc level or up educational background;
  • At least 1-2 years relevant experience (commercial, automotive, international trading et cetera);
  • Proven affinity with the automotive field and international trading in general;
  • Proven commercial skills and aptitude;
  • You are intelligent, sales minded, communicative, client focussed, flexible, accurate, analytical, ambitious, results oriented and a team player;
  • You have a strong personality and are able to hit the ground running in a very dynamic and competitive market;
  • You’re able to be very tough in negotiations yet meanwhile maintain excellent and pleasant relationships with suppliers and clients;

  • You’re fluent in English ánd one or moreof the languages:
    • Romanian
    • Bulgarian
    • Hungarian
    • German
  • OR, you’ re fluent in English and two or moreof the languages:
    • Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Greek
    • A combination of one of the above with Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian or German
  • Any additional Western or Southern European language skills are advantageous but not decisive and not sufficient by themselves.

We can currently not consider people from Bulgaria or Romania if in need of a work permit. People with Bulgarian or Romanian language skills can only apply if they’re allowed to work in the Netherlands already. A work permit for a former employment is not valid unfortunately. We’re sorry about this….

Applicants without proven necessary affinity with our business and the mentioned language skills, will unfortunately not be considered.



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