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PRACA: IT Requirements Engineers, The Hague

The ideal candidate will have

  • In-depth knowledge of and experience with Requirements Engineering and the system development processes.
  • Very good organisational skills to chair workshops and manage the expectation of a wide variety of stake holders.
  • Good interviewing, communication and writing skills.
  • Experience with Service Management and IT project management.
  • Working knowledge of technical IT concepts.

It will be an advantage to have:

  • A project management methodology, preferably Prince 2.
  • A system development methodology.

Main duties

  • Perform Requirements engineering within IT projects FOR System requirements are elicited from users and their management. They must match with business goals and cost to establish the system. Requirements are formally defined and agreed with the business. The requirements will be a mixture of textual statements and models on the desired system behaviour. The models could be various, but the most common are data models, business process models and state (transition) models. The requirements are used for system development and testing.
  • Interview business representatives, hold workshops and gather business domain information in order to obtain requirements. Frequently this will be done together with Business Analysts and Application Managers.
  • Make functional designs, which encompass the creation of a process model, the creation of a relevant data model (UML and / or relational data model) and the identification of user tasks (use cases).
  • Perform Requirements Engineering either within IT projects or as maintenance. The former is of a bigger size than the latter. They have in common that requirements are given to outside Services to develop or adapt IT systems.
  • Accomplish the work, if executed in a project, within the boundaries of the project like time and budget.
  • Contribute to the common goals of the Requirements Engineer department as well as of the Patent Process directorate.



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